Choosing the Right Grass Variety for Your Lawn

All lawn lovers want grass that has the neighbours doing a double take as they pass by. If you mow and fertilise by the book but for some reason the lawn still doesn’t look pristine, you may need to assess whether your grass is suited to your conditions. If you think it’s time to change your grass, we’ve got your key concerns covered. 

Initial Considerations and Preparations  

When first planning for your new lawn, there are a few key factors you’ll need to consider to ensure you’re making the right choice. Ultimately, these are the factors that will determine the success of your lawn.

  1. Traffic. If your lawn gets heavy foot-traffic from children, pets, or livestock, you’ll need a strong grass variety that can self-repair with ease to prevent dead patches.
  2. Shade. Most lawns have a minimum requirement of direct sunlight exposure each day. Whether you’re on a large property with little shade or have dense landscaping, you’ll have to consider your lawn’s shade tolerance.
  3. Climate. As mentioned, all lawns require a certain amount of sunlight daily, but they also have ideal climate conditions. You’ll have to take into consideration whether you live in a drier climate or an area with high rainfall.
  4. Soil. Whether you plan to work with what you’ve got or start from the soil up, you’ll need to make sure you have an ideal base soil level, good drainage, and the right type of soil.

Top-of-Mind Lawns

There are so many different types of grass to choose from for your lawn that it can be overwhelming. However, there are a few crowd favourites to help narrow it down.


One of the most popular lawn choices is the Soft-Leaf Buffalo. This grass is ideal for families with children or pets or for those who just want a low-maintenance lawn. This is because of its rapid self-repair abilities, preventing dead-spots. Buffalo is also resilient against droughts, pests, and diseases. Some variants of Buffalo aren’t shade tolerant so would be better suited to sparse landscapes, however, the Sapphire Soft-Leaf Buffalo is more shade tolerant, making this a suitable choice for most lawns.


Kikuyu is often a popular choice because it is budget friendly and bright green in colour. As with the Buffalo grass family, it is also great at self-repairing and is drought tolerant. With little to no shade tolerance, it is more suitable for larger areas with less infrastructure and more sparse landscapes. If you prefer short cut grass, you will have to be prepared to mow more often as Kikuyu grows quickly, but for those who prefer longer lawns to shade their soil, the Kikuyu is an ideal choice.


For a grass that holds colour well despite water restrictions and recovers well after tough conditions, Couch grass is a reliable and safe choice. Like Kikuyu, Couch is fast-growing, especially in the wet seasons and will regularly need to be mowed if you’re after a shorter lawn. This is considered a full-sun grass and is best suited to large properties with less tree coverage. When it comes to durability against foot traffic and dry climates, Couch is able to repair itself effectively, making it an excellent choice for heavily used or drought-prone properties.


A grass that can withstand almost all conditions is the Zoysia seed. Known for its durability in heat, droughts, cold weather, and heavy foot traffic, the Zoysia is suitable for almost all lawns and climates. It is a low-maintenance grass once established, because it has low water demands and slower growth meaning you’ll be spending less time watering and mowing the lawn. This seed is great for lawns of all sizes, from family homes to larger properties, and for carers of all experience.

Whilst there are many different types of lawns and aspects to consider, with appropriate care and thorough maintenance, you can keep your lawn looking great year round. For the best results, choose a Hustler ride-on. Our units range from residential to commercial use, so we’re sure to have the zero-turn for you.

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