10 Tips For The Best Lawn In 2019


So you’ve seen some great lawns around your neighbourhood and you want to throw your hat into the ring for Best Lawn come the end of the year? Well here are some hot tips from the king of Lawnporn himself to give you a helping hand. 

1.     MOWING

The easiest way to improve your lawn during the growing season (September - March) is to mow at least twice a week! Mowing is the number 1 step to improving the overall condition of your lawn. Don’t limit yourself to any preconceived regime and mow only when your lawn needs it.

The real trick here is to not let it get too long and DON’T mow more than a third of the grass height in a single mow - also known as the 1/3 rule. Be sure to have sharp blades & well-maintained equipment for the best results.

If your mower needs some work, look up your local Hustler dealer here and they’ll be glad to help. Hustler also offers a range of mowers to suit your mowing needs so check out the full range here or speak with your local dealer to find the Hustler zero-turn that’s right for you. 


Watering early in the morning is best for any lawn. The evaporation effects are less and you’ll limit the chances of getting any fungal diseases. The occasional late arvo watering is fine if you miss a morning session or if you can see that your lawn needs it, however always aim to water in the early morning.

Deep, infrequent watering in the morning will train your roots to go deeper into the soil profile and make the plant more drought tolerant. Irrigation systems can assist with your time and water management and the investment in a system will save you money on water. As a general rule of thumb, aim for 1-2 times a week in the summer and roughly once every 7-10 days in the cooler seasons. Always remember to adjust for rain!


Soil is obviously very important to your lawn. Your lawn won't grow easily in hard & compact soil so aerating in spring, summer and early autumn will help air & water move through the soil better. While there is nothing wrong with a pitchfork aerate, a coring machine that takes cores out is a much better alternative. After coring, top dress with sand or sandy loam to fill the holes and use the opportunity to level your lawn at the same time!

4.     WEEDS

There are many different types of weeds that appear throughout the year depending on the season and in saying that, there are also many ways to get rid of them. Hand-pulling weeds is labour intensive but cheap - if you're doing this, remember to get ALL the roots.

You can also get selective herbicide but make sure it is suitable for your lawn type. It’s always best to test it on a small patch before going all out on your lawn. Some weeds can be controlled before they germinate using a pre-emergent herbicide. Simply, the best way to control weeds is by having thick, healthy & well-maintained lawn. 

Check out the Lawnporn Problem Solver for more detailed information on dealing with weeds

5.     PESTS

There are many insects that can easily devastate a lawn so it's always best to constantly treat even if you don’t think you have a problem. As the saying goes, 'prevention is the best cure!".

Professional products can be costly but you can do rather well with treatments bought from your local dealer or garden specialist store. Carefully read and follow the instructions on any products you purchase and for more detailed suggestions, check out the Lawnporn Problem Solver.


Otherwise known as lawn food, 'you are what you eat' rings true for your lawn. Considering the investment you’ve put into a lawn, why rob it of decent food? During growing season there will be more demand for nutrients, but it is always important to feed your lawn all year round. Fertilising once a season is your starting point, and Four Seasons from Lawnporn is ideal. For more info on Australia’s best-selling professional fertiliser, click here.

7.     EDGES 

Trimmed edges give your lawn a finishing touch that tells your guests that you’re all about the details. Grab yourself a trimmer or edger from your local power equipment store.


What the? Yes, your community is important. Why? You’ll need plenty of help to achieve your lawn goals. Mates, partners, family, your local shop and online communities like Lawnporn can help you along the way.

Your local community is a great source for building your knowledge. Expanding your network will more than likely give you the answers you’re looking for! You'll get more out of it by putting more into your community, so don’t be shy about helping others with your own knowledge! If you’re ever stuck, YouTube is also a great source of information, check out Lawnporn’s YouTube Channel for great tips and if you want to take a closer look at some Hustler mowers then head on over to their channel here.

9.     PLAN

Without a plan, you are just planning to fail. A plan can be as simple as allocating time during your week for gardening to a detailed program to get the best lawn in town! It is important to set smaller goals and achieve them bit by bit rather than aiming for one major goal. Recording what you do is important to reference what you did, what worked & what didn’t. It also helps you develop and alter your plan as you go along this journey of lawn discovery.

Check out Lawnporn’s calendar & logbooks which are FREE to download here. The latest summer edition is available for download right here.


A yearly renovation [low-mow/scarify/aerate/topdress/level] is vital to maintaining the best lawn. Done early spring it'll get rid of thatch and allow you to start fresh, improving the soil and levelling the peaks & troughs. Extra water will be required to help recovery during this time and fertilising with products that concentrate on root development like Launch+ by Lawnporn make for a quick return to a lush and full lawn. Renovation can be done during all growing seasons and a good tip is to actually renovate twice a year (early spring & late summer) if you are super keen. A late summer renovation recovers very quickly and makes sure you enter the dormant season (autumn/winter) in the best possible condition! 

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