Hustler's Summer Property Care Tips

The hot Aussie summer is setting in, which means we’re well and truly in the growing season!. The harsh conditions can be damaging to your grass, soil, and overall property. Luckily there are ways to prepare your lawn to keep it healthy and thriving. We’ve gathered our top tips for maintaining your residential and commercial properties this summer.

Summer Mowing Schedule

During the growing season your lawn will need more regular mowing to prevent damage to your grass, soil, and roots. Even though you’ll be mowing more often, raise your blades to cut a longer leaf and reduce heat stress to your soil and roots. Mow either early morning or late afternoon rather than midday, which increases the risk of sun damage. Leaving grass clippings is common on larger properties, and it’s important to do this during summer to prevent weeds and sun damage. Hustler Mowers make it easier and quicker to mow your larger property during the summertime with our wide range of ride-on mowers

Light on the Fertiliser

A great way to prevent summer lawn damage is to lightly fertilise before the heat sets in. Fertilising during summertime can be risky as it can make grass dry and brittle, increasing the chance of burning the lawn. The best way to beat this is to do a light fertilisation toward the end of spring or wait until the end of summer to prep for autumn. This way you can ensure your property is still getting the nutrients it needs without risking a brittle and browned lawn.

Summer Weed Maintenance

Invasive weeds grow and spread rapidly during summer days, so it’s important to get on top of weed maintenance early. Some of the best weed minimisation tips have already been covered, such as avoiding mowing too short, leaving grass clippings, and light fertilisation. Taller grass creates a protective shade against weeds and strengthens the root system, while grass clippings provide great nutrients. When considering weed-killing sprays in heat, try to use higher water rates and bigger droplets. 

Strategic Landscaping

A well-thought out landscape is easier to manage and care for year round, especially for commercial and larger properties. Strategic planting of shade plants underneath tree coverage helps reduce time and effort caring for shaded grass patches, especially during the longer summer days. It’s also easier to schedule mowing and weed maintenance when your property is properly planned.

Watering Your Summer Lawn

Dry weather is the biggest threat to your lawn, especially in drought prone areas. Effective irrigation is a great way to protect the quality of your lawn. To make the most of reduced water usage, water during the early morning to allow your roots and soil to absorb as much moisture as possible before the midday heat. Longer grass leaves and lawn clippings help establish deeper root systems and slow water evaporation to retain moisture, helping you to reduce water usage in the drier season. 

Grass Types

If you’re putting in all the work to keep your lawn healthy and following all the guidelines but still feel you aren’t seeing results, it is possible your grass variant doesn’t suit your property. Check out our recent blog post to determine the most suitable grass variety for your conditions.

Take advantage of the growing season this summer and keep your lawn in tip top shape with our summer lawn care guide. To make each mow a breeze so you can spend more time kicking back and relaxing, check out our ride-on mower range for a quick and even mow every time. Find your local retailer today for any questions about lawn care tips or product recommendations.

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