10 Tips For A Great Spring Lawn

Winter is drawing to a close and spring is in the air. Last season we gave you our top 10 tips for lawn care during winter and now it’s time to get your lawn ready for the warmer weather. Everything is better in the spring. The days get longer, it is lighter later, our gardens become full of life and it is the perfect time of year to update your power equipment and garden tools. Here are some of our best tips for lawn and garden care in spring.

1. Get rid of any weeds

Even though weeds and grass grow more slowly in winter, it is easy to forget to take care of your lawn during the colder months (we understand...the couch is a lot more appealing). Coming into the warmer months of the year, with higher rainfall and better growing weather, it is easy for weeds to become out-of-control. Keep on top of them now and the summer months will be a breeze.

2. Dust off the mower

Now that the warmer weather is approaching, it is time to mow a little more often to make sure your lawn doesn’t become overgrown. Hustler have a wide range of zero turn mowers, making it easy for you to keep your lawn in tip top shape. Whether you have commercial or private property, fields or a medium-sized lawn, Hustler is your one-stop shop when it comes to comfortable, quality mowers.

3. Service your mower and equipment

If you haven’t already, take this time of year to get your lawn equipment serviced. This needs doing at least once per year to keep your mower in perfect running condition.

4. Fertilise your lawn

Spring is a great time to apply light fertiliser. You don’t need anything too heavy, as it can attract lawn grubs and other pests, however your grass likely needs a little feed after the harsh cold weather that winter brought.

5. Seeds of life

If you have patches of grass that aren’t growing, or areas that have turned brown due to high usage (pets, we’re looking at you), spring is a great time to sow some seeds. Plants and grass grow well in the spring due to the warmer weather and increased rainfall.

6. Tidy up your garden

It is also a perfect time to tidy up your garden. Whether that includes pruning bushes, clearing leaves or general plant and flower maintenance, spring makes you want to get outside and clean up. If you put in the work now, you will be the envy of the neighbourhood come summer!

7. Rake your lawn

In the harshness of winter, your lawn can die due to frost or little to no rain. Rake your lawn at the first sign of spring to get rid of any dead lawn and make way for new grass to grow. Dead lawn can stop light from reaching the soil and allowing new grass to grow through.

8. Deep green

If you want that deep green then start using a nitrogen iron fertiliser that's designed for a deep green without producing surge growth. This means that the deep green will last much longer.

9. Help your mates

Your mates will want a lawn like yours. When you do your spring renovation, the aerating plugs & scarifying clippings can be planted to make a new lawn. If your mates are really keen, they can help you with your renovation and aerating machine costs if they can take your plugs and clippings for planting. With a bit of extra water and care, those clippings will grow in and your mates will have a worthwhile lawn. Watch out, in a good growing season they could be out-lawning you in no time!

10. Communication is key!

Focus on growth in your garden during the spring season and make sure you are well prepared for summer and the tough conditions it can bring. Here in Australia, we have harsh seasons and our lawns often bear the brunt of the weather. It’s important to change your lawn care with the seasons to ensure your property looks tidy and healthy all year round. Make sure you visit your local Hustler dealer or check out our website for more tips and tricks or to browse our full range of Hustler zero turn mowers.

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